The gates to the World Cup in 3-Bande Carambole open every day for half an hour before the game start. Opening Tuesday 26. november kl. 11 - The gates will open at. 10.30 Wednesday 27. november - fighting starts at. 10.00 - The gates will open at. 9.30 Thursday ...

See world-class billiards in Randers


  Press release: DDBU Collaborate with billiards sport's leading news provider, German billiards magazine Touch, about press work at the World Cup in 3-Bande Carom Billiards in Randers from 26-30. november 2019. TouchPR-Announcement

TV 2 Sport goes all in

TV 2 Sport sent directly from the World Cup in Randers every day from Tuesday to Saturday. Kozoom stands for filming at the designated TV-table and TV2 Sport provides for the dissemination. The transmissions starts at. 11 and then there billiards on the program ...

The Danish players for the World Cup in Randers aside

The Selection Committee has selected the following players: 1) Dion Nelin 2) Thomas Andersen 3) Jakob Haack-Sørensen Reserve: Brian Zola Hansen Kriterier for udtagelsen er placeringen på verdensranglisten som henholdsvis nr.21 (Dion), 37 (Thomas) and 50 (Jakob). On behalf of the Selection Committee:: Torsten Danielsson Formand, DDBU

Randers will again host city for the World Cup in 3-Bande Carambole

VM at the 3-gang Carom 2019 Randers Denmark will again host a World Cup in 3-Cushion carom. the year is 2019, and the host city of Randers. Agreements about the championship has just fallen into place. The Danish Billiards Union, Randers and ...

Thomas Andersen DM WON 3-BANDE in Vejle

Thomas Andersen new Danish Champion in 3-cushion billiards: Last weekend, like in Holland and Belgium, there was the Danish Championship in 3-cushion billiards. The Championship in Denmark was played in the city of Vejle, in front of a capacity audience. Thomas Andersen,...